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Most Common Roof Types in Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL is the ultimate holiday destination. Our town boasts some of the most luxurious holiday accommodation, breathtaking beaches and fun-filled theme parks. Being a holiday destination means that our homes need to look the part as well. Our stylish suburbs...

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The Typical Cost of a Roof in Orlando, FL

Having to repair your roof can sometimes be a major pain, even more so when you have to replace the entire structure. The entire process can turn into a major inconvenience and if not done right it can burn a hole into your pocket. As inconvenient as it may be if the...

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Top Residential Roofs on the Market

So you’ve been thinking about installing a new roof or your current one is looking a little dilapidated and you’re thinking about switching it up but you just don’t know which material is best for you? Well, look no further. At Elo Restoration, our years of experience...

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How to Deal with a Storm Damaged Roof

As we all know there is truly no other place like Orlando, Florida. We have some of the world's best theme parks, most immaculate beaches and some of the zaniest people you'll ever come across. But as much as we love our city, Orlando often finds itself in the middle...

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