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PVC Roofing

PVC Roofing in Orlando

PVC Roofing in Orlando

PVC (thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride) is a single-ply membrane very commonly used on commercial roofs in Orlando, FL. Being a type of plastic, it offers business owners and property managers affordability alongside durability. This is why it is the third most widely made synthetic polymer. Elo Restoration is well-versed in the myriad of advantages of installing a PVC commercial roof.

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Benefits of PVC Roofs

There are multiple benefits to installing a PVC roof on your commercial property. Opting for this reliable material together with a professional local commercial contractor like Elo Restoration will ensure that you install a commercial roof that will stand the test of time.

Affordable Life Cycle Cost

Compared with other roofing membranes, PVC retains a high reflectivity value over time, which offers higher energy efficiency than most roofs.

Environmentally Friendly

With its Energy Star rating, and its highly reflective material, PVC is the obvious choice for environmentally concerned companies.

Tax Rebate Qualification

Companies with a PVC roof can get cool roof tax paybacks as well as LEED credit qualification.


Strong seam bonding and puncture resistance make this material one of the most water resistant in the commercial roofing industry


PVC is an industry standard because it is engineered to stand the test of time. PVC has a fleece backing and is available in thicknesses up to 80 mil, allowing for even better resistance to tearing or water issues.

Expert PVC Commercial Roof Contractors

The Elo Restoration team is equipped with years of experience, expert knowledge, the finest commercial roofing materials, and cutting edge, innovative tools. We stay up to date on all advances in the best materials and tools so that we can pass those benefits on to the Orlando community and surrounds in the form of a beautifully designed and executed PVC roof.

Contact Elo Restoration today to schedule a free consultation and see the vast array of benefits that PVC roofs can provide for commercial businesses. Check this page for SPF foam roofs, it can last for 50 years when properly maintained.


Within two hours of placing a service call to this company they were onsite, they are professional people who get the job done right the first time.
ELO Restoration, wow, what else can I say except for "Amazing"! It's beautiful. The roof was completed in half-a-day!
Kyle C
Tom S and his team at ELO were amazing to work with. Could not be happier with the service they provided and the ease of the process.
Morgan Salvino
My experience with ELO Restoration has been great, The company was professional and responsive to me throughout the entire process.
Michele Toliver
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